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Obiye Academy has gained experience in the Educational field for over 24 years. We provide high quality basic education that leads to the intellectual, social, physical and spiritual development of our learners from the crèche all through the senior secondary school. 

Our curriculum is an integrated one, Nigerian and British designed to build problem-solving skills and creativity in our learners. We have won various laurels in various extramural competitions we have been engaged in, such as Debates, Spelling Bee, Science Math, Essay and Sport.

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Entry to Obiye Academy is more than a child’s academic success. We seek bright, enthusiastic children with potentials, who are motivated to learn, get involved and thrive in our school’s community.

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We have a selection of large and small halls for hire Strategic location with a large parking area. We have attractive prices and services to adapt to your needs at competitive prices. Many groups have found us to be an excellent venue.

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The Obiye Academy Unique Tutorial and Study Abroad Consulting has come a long way.

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Our school has qualified, trained, experienced and technologically inclined teachers, who are able to make learning pleasurable, using a variety of 21st century teaching techniques and methods.

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Obiye Academy

Our Vision To provide the best as far as Nursery, Primary and Secondary education is concerned. To raise and nurture well balanced, eagle focused, dependable, young elites whom the future of this country and the world at large can be entrusted into their hands. Our Mission The child is the centre piece of our activities. Our mission is to produce all round education to our children in the “Obiye Unique style”, a range of innovative methods of conveying our message of producing only the best, by utilizing effective technology, the best trained teachers and most of all working with the power of love which inculcates strength, patience, and most of all the gift and art of teaching.

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  Nothing good comes easy. Success does not meet anyone

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