Who We Are

Our main aim is to raise the educational outcomes of young people with learning difficulties.To alleviate seclusion by raising the aspiration and attainment levels amongst young people through the use of Augmentative and Alternative Communication tools.To provide the best as far as Nursery, Primary and Secondary education is concerned. To raise and nurture well balanced, eagle focused, dependable, young elites whom the future of this country and the world at large can be entrusted into their hands.


We aim to

  • Support the educational provisions for young people with learning difficulties.
  • Increase people understanding and awareness around the challenges of Learners with needs!
  • To reduce social isolation through effective transitional plans.
  • To enhance greater learning opportunities/ employment by raising the attainment level of all concerned.
  • We aim to challenge our learners within the scope they can respond to adequately.
  • To enhance a more stable environment for learning and reduce high levels of dependency.


This organization was set up to address the gap in learning experienced by young learners such as described above. There are limited school places for young learners with learning difficulties . Research indicates that there is a need for educational facilities that address this gap for learners with individual specialist needs.

All OUR sessions are facilitated by qualified teachers who engage the learners in specific activities geared towards the learning needs of the learner concerned.

Activities include tailor-made work plans to suit the respected learner, role-play, discussions, debates and presentations. The young people will also participate in the identification of their specific related needs as we give room for all our learners to express their related needs.

“Disabled children and young people face multiple barriers which make it more difficult for them to achieve their potential. Our project is aimed at young people, aged 5 to 19 years”

The benefits and outcomes we want to achieve have been highlighted clearly below, For the Community:

  • Provision of positive contributions for the community as a whole
  • Responding positively to differences and diversity
  • Reduce Crime and Anti-Social behaviour
  • Improve the economic well-being

For the Learners:

  • This program will drastically intervene in low attainment levels which will directly increase qualifications.
  • This program could also be seen as an intervention strategy by filling in the gaps for learners with learning difficulties.
  • Increased employability and independence levels with increased attainment levels
  • Increase qualification and Skills levels

SHC team comprises of professionals in the education eld who are all passionate about the course we run. Mrs Morayo Amao is a Senior Assistant Headteacher of a Church of England School in the United Kingdom. She also seeks the need to embrace enhanced education for learners with learning difficulties. Mrs Morayo Amao is one of the co-founders of the organization.

Mrs Ruth D-Whyte is a Masters degree holder in Teacher Leadership with the specification in Special Education. In her capacity, she has acted as a teacher leader for over 20 Years and is also driven with the passion to enable learners with learning difficulties. Mrs D-Whyte is a registered Educational consultant in the United Kingdom and also a parent of a child with learning difficulties.

SHC can be seen as a going concern in the community as this project /activity progressing is not just a one-off project activity. Our enhanced educative program will not only help students take part in extra activities but also will help enhance children’s learner’s academic achievement.

We work together with a team of specialized professionals in Obiye Academy

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